21 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan - How I Kicked My Sugar Addiction and Carb Cravings for Good!

We all know sugar is linked to cavities and tooth decay, right? We were told that when we were kids. But did you know that excess sugar consumptions can also lead to...

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • high blood sugar
  • a supressed immune systems
  • and even cancer?

Yeah, not good. Not to mention sugar has been proven to be highly addictive and very often difficult to give up. I tried to give up sugar cold turkey but the cravings were murder! And then I found the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet and it all came together.

  What is the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet?

Diane Sanfilippo is a certified nutrition consultant and the author of The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar and Carb Cravings Naturally. The book teaches you how to effectively remove sugar from your diet in just 21 days. Why 3 weeks? That is the same amount of time it takes to create a sugar addiction, and consequently you can return your body to a pre-sugar addicted state in the same period of time. Her book, available in print and instant download digital form, helps you crush your sugar cravings and beat your sugar and carb addiction.

Key Elements of the Plan

* 240 pages (print form)
* Over 90 simple recipes included
* Available for immediate digital download
* Based on whole foods and natural nutrition
* Includes modifications for pregnant moms, athletes and pescetarians

  Is the 21 Day Sugar Detox Book a Smart Purchase?

All behaviors, eating, drinking, sleeping, have underlying biochemical and physiological foundations. So it is just not a case of having enough willpower to beat a sugar and carb addiction. Since your physiological makeup led to your dependence upon processed sugar and simple carbs, which can lead to a host of dangerous medical conditions and illnesses, a simple approach to how your body responds to foods is required if a sugar detox is going to work for you.

Author Diane Sanfilippo relates in layman's terms exactly how your body responds to carbohydrates and sugar. The three-week plan is offered in easy-to-understand language. It is based on whole foods nutrition that can reset your body and remove your dependence upon processed sugar and simple carbohydrates.

One really nice feature is the flexibility of this program. There are modifications for athletes of all levels. And if you are pregnant or a nursing mom, Diane offers specific meals and recipes which were formulated just for you. Pescatarians and those with autoimmune conditions are also given specific steps to follow to make this three-week sugar detox work for them.

And since this process includes whole foods and natural food products, there are no negative side effects. 3 different levels of the program also offer successful implementation for just about anyone. And there are more than 7 dozen easy-to-follow meal plans and recipes included that help you detox naturally and successfully.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar and Carb Cravings Naturally explains why sugar and simple carbohydrates are so harmful. It then provides an easy-to-follow process for replacing sugar and bad carbs with natural foods that allow your body to return to its natural state of optimal health. A smart purchase with an affordable price tag for any fitness and health minded individual.

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