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Giving Up Sugar

10:07 AM - January 15, 2015 by Lorelei

The Benefits of Giving Up Sugar

Sometimes you don’t believe something until you experience it for yourself. That’s the case with giving up sugar. You won’t fully comprehend the benefits until you try it for yourself. It is life altering. It’s as if the clouds lift and you can finally see the world and yourself clearly. We’ve discussed the downsides of sugar and how it harms your health. Let’s focus on the positive and share the amazing benefits of living without it.

Weight Loss

If you go cold turkey, you may notice weight loss at the rate of almost a pound a day. This isn’t a guaranteed weight loss estimate, but you will lose weight. When your body has to turn to other sources of energy, it begins to burn fat. Your metabolism speeds up and suddenly you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in. 

Better Complexion

Studies have been conducted on adolescents, and those who cut sugar out of their diets had a miraculous reduction in acne. Even adolescent boys with cystic acne found that their skin cleared up after eliminating sugar. Acne aside, adults also experience a change in their complexion. You’ll see a new vitality, texture, and color to your skin. Many women claim that they look and feel about twenty years younger when they quit sugar. 

Energy to Spare

Not only will you sleep more restfully when you quit sugar, you’ll also have an abundance of energy. Most people go through a mid-day slump. It happens after lunch and before dinner, usually around one or two o’clock. They then turn to caffeine or a sugary snack to help get them through the day. When you quit sugar, this slump disappears. You’ll feel a balanced energy level all day long. 

Improved Immune System

Sugar causes systemic or body-wide inflammation. Inflammation is the foundation for all disease. Your body is essentially trying to constantly repair damaged tissues, processes, and systems. All of this activity is stressful. Systems change, cells change, and diseases like diabetes and cancer form. 

Not only that, but it taxes your immune system. You catch colds and viruses more easily because your body is exhausted from battling the effects of too much sugar. Cut out the sugar and your health improves. You don’t get sick as often, if at all, which also provides the side benefit of fewer visits to the doctor and the pharmacy.

Mental Clarity 

The absence of sugar also seems to help provide mental and emotional clarity. You’re no longer troubled with a foggy mind or an inability to concentrate. You’ll feel more emotionally stable and in control over your moods. 

Again, it’s difficult to understand these benefits until you experience them for yourself, so we’ll take a look at that next. Let’s talk about how to get sugar out of your life. 

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