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Why is Sugar Bad for You?

Why is Sugar Bad for You?Being naturally inclined to enjoy sweet things is different than eating them with every bite of food you put into your body, yet that’s exactly what many unsuspecting people are doing every day. And they wonder why they don’t feel good, are gaining weight, and feel generally miserable. Sugar is extremely destructive.

Fact: We are risking our health by eating way too much sugar. Americans consume between 18 to 26 teaspoons of sugar on average every single day. This is based on a diet of 1,800 to 2,600 calories consumed daily. The low end of that statistic (18 teaspoons daily) is three times what a woman should consume and twice what a man should ingest. 

    Why Sugar is Bad for You

Sugar makes your organs fat. Sugar, specifically fructose, triggers your liver to store fat. It stores it not only in your cells and tissues but also around your liver and other primary and vital organs. It also makes your blood vessels unnaturally rigid and stiff. This rigidity causes high blood pressure, which in turn makes your heart work harder to pump life-giving blood throughout your body. It’s not uncommon for people with sugary diets to experience a stroke or heart attack because of the damage done to their circulatory system.

Sugar has been linked to depression, high cholesterol, and it even causes wrinkles and sagging skin. It is inextricably linked to type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and it accelerates the aging process both inside your body and out. If you quit sugar you not only feel and look like a new person, you also add years – perhaps decades – onto your life. Let's delve a little deeper...

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Whether you get sugar from fruit juice, soda pop, or yogurt, it can lead to obesity. In fact, many children today are getting most of their liquids from sweetened drinks instead of water. This fact is contributing to the obesity epidemic in America and other industrialized countries. If you did count calories, and counted those included in beverages it is possible to still drink the sugary drinks, but it will result in lowering your nutrition too and can still potentially lead to other issues.

Your blood sugar spikes every time you consume large quantities of sugar. Your pancreas releases a substance called insulin to break down the sugar in your body. However, over time, the body requires more and more insulin to break down the same amounts of sugar. This is a condition called insulin resistance, which is also know as pre-diabetes. After prolonged exposure to this amount of sugar and a pre-diabetic condition, the pancreas reaches a point where is can no longer produce enough insulin. This condition is called Type 2 diabetes.

Read about a recent study on diabetes from Stanford Medicine here.

Immune System Suppression

A report published in USA Today reported that every day table sugar and even unsweetened orange juice could suppress the immune system. Based on that report and assuming you eat sugar with every meal, your immune system is essentially protecting you from parasites, bacteria, and viruses less than half of the time

Processed Sugar and “Brain Fog”
If you’ve ever gone on a sugar binge, you may wake up feeling sick, having a foggy mind, gas, bloating, headache, joint pain, mood swings, and even depression. The feeling can be a lot like a hangover. In fact, you will get a much worse hangover from drinking high sugar alcoholic beverages than lower sugar ones. Why? Sugar, that’s why. The effect sugar has on your liver, kidneys, and brain inhibits good health.
Raised Cholesterol Levels
When you eat processed sugar, the sugar is either burned as energy or stored as fat. If you are eating more calories than you need, it’s being stored as fat. Considering it takes a 180-pound man one-half hour of fast cycling to work off 375 calories, you would need to do the same to work off a king-size Kit Kat bar. Any additional fat that is not burned off can raise your cholesterol levels and put you at a high risk for heart problems.
Acid Production and Tooth Decay
When you eat sugar, your saliva breaks down the sugar into acids. Acids are very harmful to your tooth enamel and left untreated can cause tooth decay. What’s more, it’s not a good idea to brush your teeth directly after eating anything acidic because it can further erode tooth enamel. Also, most people who eat candy tend to eat it or suck on it throughout the day, never giving their teeth a break. The break down in enamel will increase the chances you have to develop tooth decay and even gum disease.
Liver Damage
Since excess sugar is stored as fat, some people can develop a condition called “steatohepatitis” in which fat causes inflammation and may lead to scarring. This can happen in people who appear thin but eat unhealthy diets. The fatty deposits build up in the liver and then cause problems with liver function. In severe cases, you may experience tiredness, weakness, weight loss, yellow skin or eyes, spider veins, and itching. Left untreated fatty liver disease can become full-blown cirrhosis, which is life threatening. 


The multiplication of cells is controlled in part by insulin secreated by your pancreas.  With a constant overload of insulin required to break down the increased amounts of sugar you are consuming it simply cannot protect you from the root cause of cancer: the uncontrolled multiplication of cells in the body. 

MD Anderson Cancer Center at The University of Texas says that sugar does not necessarily lead to cancer. They suggest that eating too much sugar can lead to weight issues, which can put you at a higher risk for cancer and other diseases.
They suggest avoiding processed sugar as well as other processed foods. Eating whole fruit is perfectly fine, but to lower your risk of cancer try to keep a normal weight by avoiding eating too much processed sugar. Men should eat no more than 150 calories of sugar a day, and women no more than 100 calories of sugar a day. Most people eat far more sugar than that each day, which is the problem.

The fact is ingesting too much processed sugar is very bad on your body. It can ruin your health, ruin your looks, and harm you in numerous ways. It’s so bad for you that your life will be a lot better without it. It can seem impossible to give it up, especially when you realize the prevalence sugar has in our everyday lives. But, take heart, this doesn’t mean that you have to do without sweet treats; there are alternatives which we’ll talk about later. 

High Blood Pressure

It was long believed that excessive salt consumption was the root cause of high blood pressure. However, WebMD reports that the underlying cause for most people's hypertention cannot be determined. Recent studies show that it is actually sugar that contributes to hypertnsion in the way it affects the hypothalamus in the brain. The effect sugar has causes an elevated heart rate and the result is an elevated blood pressure.

Read more about this study here:

Sugar also one of the most addictive things in the world. Experts say that it is eight times more addictive than cocaine. One thing is for certain, sugar isn’t good for you, and cutting it out of your life may be the best thing you can do for your health.

Knowing you should give up sugar and actually following through are two different things. If you have a sugar habit, quitting it can be a challenge. But it’s not an impossible challenge, and with the right plan you can eliminate sugar from your diet

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